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My School Life in China - Wenhui Xia

Hi guys,I am Wenhui Xia from Zhenjiang.

My school life in China can be very different from what you think and I'd like to talk about it.

Firstly,relationships between girls and boys are almost absolutely forbidden at my age,though some teachers and parents are open-minded enough to accept it, but most of the time,they would not allow it happen,let alone supporting.

You may be wondering why ,but the reasons can be complicated,such as it will distract you or affect your study or something else.But from my point of view it is the idea passed down through centuries planted in their mind that make them disapprove this normal affection for others.

As an old saying goes, ‘man and woman should not be too close to each other’.And there is one more important factor ,in China ,we students need to devote ourselves to studying(I would talk more about it later)and having a relationship will leave people the impression that you cannot have enough time for your study since you have to go out dating and do such things.

But this does not have to be true!

Take me for example,I actually have a boyfriend and we love each other :)He is a top student in my grade not only in academy,he is also very talented and sporty.(He can play flute and once he broke the record in high jump in our city!)The way we date can be simple and common,In the summer and winter vocation,we go out for movies and just have some fun since we can have much time,but comparing with the way you date,there can also be something a little uncommon .

When school begins,we will spend a lot of time going to the library to study together and enjoy it.(Sometimes I have to admit it is a little difficult for me to focus on my study while he is sitting next to me)In this way ,we can‘date' while not waste our valuable studying time.

Many of my friends do the same things and we all agree that we are old enough to deal with our emotional life and have learnt to find a balance between studying and dating.But since our parents always think that we are still kids and cannot trust our own judgement and will probably never allow such things to happen,most of the students will choose to keep their relationships to themselves.(we students all understand each other and know about our own relationships so it won't be a blast if you have a secret boyfriend/girlfriend in school,it is a very normal behavior )

Secondly,high school students really have too much studying pressure!

One of the biggest problem between students and their parents always caused by their poor academic performance!But why?Why every one cares so much about the academic performance?The leading problem is that China have  quite a large population and then the many people will have to compete with each other to get a good job to support themselves and their families.The diploma from a top university to many companies is the best certificate to your ability.

Only through having good grades in your exam can you be admitted to a top university ,that is why students are dying to study so hard.I used to hate my education system ,it seems that writing the paper all day and night is killing my fun life but I came to understand it that this is unavoidable,so since I cannot change the fact which I have to study very hard ,I can change my attitude towards it.And I am glad to know that many adolescents like me have learnt to enjoy our life,we will do some sports and relax ourself from time to time as well as my school principal often organize some activities for us to develope our social skills .

Thirdly, most of the adolescents around my age have different kinds of hobbies.Generally,boys like to play basketball and soccer sometimes badminton in PE lesson and girls would prefer to play pingpong or jog .After school,we have a wide range of interests.

Still take me for example,I love watching films and American series(I have watched “gossip girl”“vampire diaries”“the originals”“2 broke girls”)I am also a very sporty girl so I'd love to go swimming and running while I am free.(I used to be a professional badminton player while I was in primary school and I played volleyball in middle school so I am quite good at sports!)  

What's more,I love different kinds of music!I decided to learn to play guitar the moment I saw Avril playing it,it is so cool !Don't you think guitar is the coolest instrument in this world? Right now,I have written a few songs on my own (for my friends and my boyfriend),the music will always cheer me up whenever I feel upset or unhappy.

If you guys want to know more about Chinese culture and me and my life ,just tell me what you want to know and I would love to share more with you next time

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