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A view of America - Zhu Lieyi

Hey guys, my name is Zhu Lieyi and my English name is Victoria.I’m 17 years old now ,in Grade 11. Here ,I’m glad to show you about what the US is like in our eyes,for this I did some simple interviews.

My deskmate

       FAST FOOD.Chips and fied chicken, humberger and pizza. Lots of overweight teenagers.

       DRINKS.Starbuck’s coffee----a little expensive for us .COCA-COLA----it is said that it may kill the male sperms if drunk too much.

Classmate A

       AMERICAN COMICS AND THEIR MOVIES. DC and Marvel.He’s CRAZY about IRON MAN. The so-called SuperHero Law:if you want to be a super hero,you parents have to die first.

Classmate B

       TV SHOWS.Gossip Girls.The Big Bang Theory.The vampires’ Diary…BUT ,most TV shows are banned before checked by the government, including The Big Bang Theory.(‘What a pity!’she said.)

Classmate C

       COMPUTER GAMES & VIDEO GAMES. In fact, video games are not so popular in China, most of the teenagers enjoy online games, such as LOL or DOTA.

       IT (?maybe).APPLE and dear Mr Jobs. Microsoft and Gates.Most functions of Facebook is limited in China,so is Twitter.


       POP MUSIC & GRAMMY AWARDS.I am a big fan of Taylor Swift, and I always keep a close eye on the Billboard.To tell the truth, I use an iPod to listen to music and none of those songs is Chinese.Most are English songs,and most of the English songs come from the US.

       COLORFUL SCHOOL LIFE.Much less homework,much less pressure,much shorter school time,much longer vacations.YOU take SAT ,but we have College Entrance Exam, which makes us keep doing exams for revision for nearly ONE WHOLE YEAR at grade 12. SAT seems easier.So you have plenty of spare time.

My father

       Carrying GUNS are legel..

       STATUE OF LEBERTY. Or Leberty Enlighting the World.---- "Give me your tired your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,  I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

My mother

       THE WHITE HOUSE. THE Present.

       IVY LEAGUE. Some of the best colleges in the world.She dreams that one day I will be admitted to one of them.(‘Stop daydreaming and pay attention to the meat in the pot ,Mum!’)

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