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First Impression on American ----American series

When it comes to America, it is an amazing country in my eyes, because though it doesn’t have long history, it has become one of the most important countries in the world. And in my impression, American’s personalities are outgoing, they like freedom and don’t like to be controlled, they are also very creative in daily life, so their life is full of fun.

If you want to ask what affects my views of the US, I can answer it’s American series without hesitation. The first series I touched is The Growing Pains , it is supposed to an old series, but it truly reflects American families’ life. It is this series that made me think American families are harmonious and happy. Later, I was introduced to watch The Big Bang Series, Maybe it is the leading roles , several scientists that made it so and wonderful!. However, I think the plot is based on the reality. American’s sense of humor, creative thinking and optimistic life attitude are presented to all the viewers. Therefore, I have a good impression on Americans.

American series has been one of the main ways to introduce American culture to China. When focusing on the development of the plot, the Chinese also absorb American customs and culture , as well as food, clothes, communication or other aspects. It is in series that many Chinese experience real American life . In a word, American series has been a name card of the USA.

However, not every series can reflect America exactly. Some are overly uglify or beautify . From my point of view, as teenagers, since we have no ability to change the environment, we can do ourselves well. Before we decide to watch series, we should choose series appropriately . Maybe the process of watching is enjoyable, but don’t believe what we watch in series blindly. So, we will not make one-sided comments to America.

As a matter of fact, whether books, films, series or other things, are good ways to help American people and Chinese people , even all the countries in the world to know each other, but we must treat them objectively.

Shiyu Gong

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