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My first impression of the United States -Jiarui Hu

Hi.My name is Jiarui Hu.You can call me Gary,too.I will share some of my thoughts with you in my blog.Here is the first one.

Asking around,I find different people hold different views when it comes to America.In my opinion,America does not have a very long history,but it has a combination of different cultures. American are good at absorbing the advantages of different foreign matters.And they are also creative.For example,I like American series and films very much.

When it comes to American series,I have to mention “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”.I began to watch its first season since last year.Many friends of mine also like it,because they think it is so attractive.I think Phil•Coulson is an excellent leader.Maybe he is not good at science like Simmons and Fitz,he is also not good at fighting and driving like Ward and May,he is even not good at computer like Skye.But he is the center of the team,because he is lube of the whole team.He is good at solving problems between the members in his team.He helped everybody in the team adjust themselves to working as a team.He is also good at combining the strenths of different people.His members are all specialist in one special area,and what Coulson do is make them working together for a common porpose.Coulson is right,the effect they made together is bigger than anyone can do alone.

It reminds me of”Transformers”.It is really a unforgetable memory of my childhood.I always thought maybe one day a car will stand up and say “Hi” to me. And Optimus is always my hero. He is kind and always willing to help and trust others. He may not be the strongest one,but his team is the best one. Ironhide is good at inviting and has a strong power. Bumblebee is good at fighting. Anther member have their own ability. But they may fail if they fight on their own. It is Optimus who gather them to one. Optimus is good at persuading. In Age of Extinction,he is even able to persuade the robot dragen to help him. I think that is what we called leadership.

This is part of my thoughts, andI will talk about other things in other blogs. I wish you make some comments or discuss with me.

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