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My first impression of the United States -Peiyue Sun

The thing that reminds me first of the USA is Sea biscuit. Sea biscuit is a small-sized racehorse that has an inauspicious beginning of its career. However, with the hard training organized by Tom Smith, it became an unlikely championship and the symbol of hope for Americans during Great depression. I do think that the horse conveys the sense of American dream just as the film “The pursuit of happiness” suggested--- life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. This ideal was considered the national ethos of the USA and it does boost me to fight for my future as a stimulant.

For my mother and father, the first impression of the USA to them is their relatives. My father’s sister and my mother’s two brothers are now living their lives in Houston Texas, Boston Massachusetts and East Lansing Michigan. Though we met just one time every two years, the blood tie between my parents and their brotherhood always reminds them of each other---every spring festival we would have video interactions online and I really love to talk to my cousins about the things that are going on here in China. I think the union conception of family is the cultural essence of China.

Back to me, since I will be studying in the US for undergraduate and graduate school, the second thing that is wandering on my mind are applications and essays of these universities, which make me quite busy these days. I am quite interested in Penn-state Parker because of its great petroleum engineering major. Though the price of gas and petroleum decrease drastically recently, I do believe that the demand for oil will increase as the shale gas revolution goes on in the nearby future. So I do think job opportunities will expand after then. I am also interested in finance. So I have a question to all of you guys, what kind of university you guys like in the US?

The thing that impressed me thirdly of US is its supermarket. When I was in Katy, Houston, Texas, the most interesting thing is to wander in its local Walmart. I got to know that in the US, everything can be returned after purchase. Every Walmart has its free entertainment center for kids. Also, the supermarket in the United States has only one floor as I saw in Texas. Besides that, the diversification of the supermarket surprised me as well: I can buy anything that I wanted from clothes to motor-boats, cars to guns and bullets to basketball stands. One local peer told me that his family go shopping for once with a truck every month to buy all the thing the whole family needs. This example is the prominent evidence that illustrates the distinctive feature of US shopping mall. People always go shopping by car there; wait, more precisely, in Texas, people go to everywhere by car. It is hard to sense the presence of public transportation in Houston, though it is the fourth largest city in US.

To be continued…
Peiyue Sun
Tom Sun

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