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10 Items first coming to mind when hearing USA-Tianze Shao

Just to clarify, the following 10 items have no certain sequence

1. Hollywood (including everything related to it, for instance, movies, TV shows, stars, TV networks, film companies and tabloid)

2. sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, my favorite team is definitely Houston Rockets for some obvious reason, I have a strong interest toward football bu t I cannot get familiar with the rules on court. )

3. Protests and marches (Living in a country where the basic right of protesting is to some extent restrained by authority or people are intimidate to use this right, many of us are naturally curious about why Americans will go on strikes or protest.)

4. gunshot crime (This is the kind of crime our TV Station and mainstream media broadcast most here. and increasing number of Chinese victims in those cases raised our concerns. Plus, the crime show like CSI and Hawaii Five-0 does no help on correcting people's impression of owning fire arms.)

5. Silicon Valley (I believe to most of the people in this world, Silicon Valley is where amazing happens.)

6. terrorism (911 incident is definitely worldly shocking and Americans attacks toward Taliban and Al-Qaeda draws the whole world's attention to middle east and terrorism.)

7. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (These two are the most famous presidents in China, or maybe the whole world)

8. American Dream (That is what we are told why USA is a wonderland. )

9. Immigrants (Immigrants are the basis of the states. North America is like a melting pot and forged a new personality for its people.)

10. White House (No need to explain why. It is far more famous than Beckingham Palace and No.10 Downing Street in China.)

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