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My perception of Chinese culture

Hi everyone, my name is Cate Hayes and I'm so excited to be a part of this project!

Since I have been reading about many of your perceptions of American life, I would like to talk about the way I perceive Chinese culture and how it differs from American culture.

First of all, most American teenagers do not value their education as much as Chinese teenagers do. I consider myself to be a pretty serious student, so therefore most of my friends are too. But I know that some people complain about school and don't always think that what they do now in high school will effect their future.

With that, the pressure to get into a good college and get a job is lower in America. Most 12th graders take the SAT's (the college entering tests) several times to get the best possible score, so it takes the pressure off of a one time test. As far as colleges, I know that most Chinese students are pressured to major in something in college that will get them a good job. As for Americans, our parents certainly want us to succeed, but they also let us decide what would make us happy. This isn't to say that all Chinese students are unhappy, but I think that sometimes they may do some things to please their parents rather than pleasing themselves. 

Secondly, I think that Chinese youth are more respectful to their parents and other adults. Part of this comes from the differences in the way that we are raised. The American perception of Chinese people is that the parents are too strict on their children. I think that with the "freedom" that most American parents give their children, their respect lessens a bit for their elders.

I can't wait to get to know you more as the project progresses!

Cate Hayes

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