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Introduction and My Perception of China

To introduce myself, I'm Briana Brady, a junior in high school. When I found out about this program offered by Pearl S. Buck International I jumped at the chance and I would like to thank them for giving me this wonderful opportunity. When it comes to describing life in America, I find it difficult to do so because I have never experienced life anywhere else. Living in "The Land of the Free" is great and I am really grateful for that.

However, there are definitely stereotypes about life in America as there are with any other country. I'm sure that as this project progresses, falsely conceived notions of life in both China and the U.S. will be unearthed. However, for that to happen I must put my own thoughts on China out into the open.

When I think China I think people. Densely populated cities, pollution, and bad traffic instantly cross my mind. I once heard that pollution was so bad in one of the cities that you could buy cans of fresh air. (Hopefully that isn't true.)

With a large population comes lots of pressure. Educational pressure. In America there are stories of "Tiger Moms", Asian mothers that push their kids to educational extremes. With that image in mind it is easy to believe that all Chinese are unbelievably smart. (I know it sounds silly but I really thought that until about eighth grade.)

Chinese culture is chock full of rich tradition and it has been accumulating for hundreds of years. However, modern Chinese pop culture is not that known about here in the U.S., or at least what I know of. When I think of China in terms of culture, I picture Philadelphia's Chinatown, which is what I was told China looked like in the seventies. The only truly modern example of Chinese culture that I can think of is the song Xiao Ping Guo (little apple) and its music video. Believe me, watching that was an experience. Other than that my perception of modern Chinese pop culture is rather vague.

I hope that as this project goes on I can learn more about what Chinese culture is like and hopefully more about my own culture as well.

-Briana Brady

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