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My first “sight” of America—by Xiaoyun Mei

I’ve never been to the United States, but USA do have great influence on me.

The cute and familiar images—Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, was popular with kids when I was young. And Barbie dolls made my childhood interesting and colorful.Till now, a plenty of elements of American culture have penetrated into our daily lives.

If someone ask me what will come into my mind when thinking of America, I will reply:Obama, NBA, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Hollywood, The Statue of Liberty,Wall Street,Harvard University and Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company. My “sights” are as follows:

1.Obama: As the first non-American president in American history, Barack Obama win fame and focus all over the world. He often appears in our daily news, no one won’t think of him when it comes to America.

2.NBA: Basketball tournaments of NBA have been highly concerned and heatedly discussed since I was in junior high school. My high school language teacher used to read NBA newspaper before his class. Many Chinese people are fond of NBA. Undoubtedly, my boyfriend is one of the NBA fans.

3.Microsoft: When speaking of America, no one will forget Microsoft and its great fonder—Bill Gates. In fact, our life won’t be so convenient without Bill Gates and his toils.

4.Apple:I was moved by Steve’s character of persistence and perfection seeking. He focused more on the uses’ experience and feelings, I think this is why Apple created a miracle in business history. iPhone is the most popular phone in China, my friends and teachers are the faithful users.

5.Google: I have benefited a lot from google in my students’ career. Google scholar helps me quickly and efficiently retrieval literature. Google translation helps me better reading English literature. Not to mention google explorer and google email, they are my best assistants.

6. Hollywood: The world famous film city—Hollywood is the heaven for most of movie stars and is my favorite place because of its fantastic and wonderful movies. Films full of justice and strength, innovation and imagination like < Captain America >,<Spider-Man>, <Transformers> and <Iron Man> deeply attracted me.

7.The Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty, which I often seen in movies and drama serials, is one of the representative buildings in America. It expresses American people’s urge to pursuit freedom and leaves a deep impression on me.

8.Wall Street: No matter in movies, TV or in the news, Wall Street is always the focus of the world as the financial center of Manhattan. Financial professionals around the world flushed into this street to seek their fortune and dreams. I’m also curious about it.

9. Harvard University: Many Chinese students dream to study in Harvard and I’ve heard my friends mention it again and again. I saw Harvard a lot from TV, books and Internet. I was inspired by the passion and spirit of Harvard students. I also hope that one day I will have the honor to visit this institution of the Holy Land.

10.Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company: My major is Food Science and Engineering, so I pay more attention to FMCG companies. KFC, McDonald's and Starbucks of USA have many branches in China and have many customers. Coca-Cola's products can be seen everywhere in China. I’m very fond of P&G Company for its management philosophy and employee growth Mechanisms. I sincerely hope to be a member of the company.

Of course, I know that my understanding of USA is not enough in depth and comprehensive. I hope to learn more about American culture, to better understand American friends through the "Pearl S Buck" project, and I also hope that American friends will know more about China.

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